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Solar Energy solutions

Solar Energy solutions

Accelerating access to smart and sustainable energy solutions for the most remote communities is a major leap forward in developing an inclusive and sustainable world. WESCO is a decentralized off-grid solar energy solutions provider committed to improving the quality of life of rural communities in Kenya and beyond by facilitating access to sustainable energy and connectivity through affordable PAY-as-you-go solar systems.

WESCO was founded on the belief that accelerating access to smart and renewable energy solutions is a major leap forward in developing an inclusive and sustainable world. Over the years, the cost of solar panel materials has dropped significantly as a result of innovations in materials science. The price of will further plummet while efficiency and accessibility will dramatically improve.

Our Promise

  • Our drive is payable off grid solar systems for everyone.
  • Our goal is to advice and helping the community whom are interest in off grid systems.
  • Protect their interests against the monopoly from the manufacturers and high cost prices.
  • Our customers get the quality contained in the contracts from the start till the end of the project.
  • To reach our drive and goal we working with local ambassadors selected by our local organization.
  • In all of our activities we focus on safety every time and everywhere.
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